Parking lot rules !
Don't let this be you!
Purchasing a sticker is not mandatory. However, if you do not have a sticker on your vehicle and it is parked in the Moose parking lot it must be registered inside the building or it could get towed without any warning at all. We will not search all over the beach to find you.
By purchasing a parking sticker from the bar tender, you save yourself having to register your vehicle inside the lodge every time you park on the property. All revenues from the stickers go to charities. 
There will be absolutely no reimbursement to anybody for tow charges. The tow job is over $150.00 and the sticker is only $3.00. Figure it out ! 
If you choose to bring a cooler with your own food and beverages, YOU CANNOT PARK IN THE MOOSE PARKING LOT. The parking lot is for members that are supporting the lodge by purchasing food and beverages inside the lodge.
If you park in our lot, you must be coming into the Moose. Some have been parking and going up the street, across the street, bike riding and what ever else. Having a sticker does not entitle anyone to park and go somewhere else.
You will be towed - you must be at the Moose! If you are at the Moose and go somewhere else, you must move your vehicle!
We are towing vehicles!

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Moose:

Parking IS and always HAS been a problem on Anna Maria Island. We, management, officers, employees, and volunteers experience the same problem as each of you. It is important to know that Anna Maria Island is composed of three (3) municipalities and collectively they offer “free parking” throughout the island. And yes, parking is not always convenient to where you may be headed.

There is an alternative. Anna Maria Island has a free Trolley Service that travels daily up and down the island between Anna Maria Island and Coquina Beach, from 6AM- 10:30PM, about every 20 minutes.

One of the stops southbound is at the front door of our lodge. Northbound stops are at the corner of each street before and after Bridge Street. And, know that the largest number of parking spots are south of the lodge on Coquina Beach.

The trolleys are supported with the sale of advertising bought mostly by local merchants. Tens of thousands of dollars of excess revenue from advertising are distributed to many non-profit organizations on the island to help better the community. It becomes your “cool ride” on a hot day.

One of our loyal volunteers has been promoting the use of the trolleys for years, and he often refers to it as the MTA… the Moose Transit Authority. Although we are not permitted

to purchase advertising from the service, we do support the service it provides and those it serves.

So the next time you come to the island, take a trolley ride and make it part of your island experience, and maybe stop to shop at one of its advertising sponsors.