Welcome to the Queen of Hearts Rules information page.
Rules for the Queen of Hearts game.

Any active member of any lodge or chapter of the Moose Fraternity can play in this queen of hearts. You must have a hard card from Moose International. No Temporary cards will be accepted unless you have it because you just paid your dues from the prior year.

Suggested donation for tickets is $2.00 per ticket.

The game will start at 7 PM. sharp every Wednesday evening. The drawing may be canceled for the day or moved to another day depending on weather and Holidays at the discretion of the game committee.

The jackpot and door prize amounts will be announced a week before the following drawing, if there are door prizes allotted.
The door prizes given out are determined by the game committee each week. 

All ticket sales from the week of the drawing, go to the following weeks raffle drawing.
If the queen is found that night, the ticket sales will start the new game. 

All door prizes are deducted from the weekly jackpot and the remainder is what the queen winner gets.

If you must be present for the door prizes unless alternative payouts are announced. If the door prizes are that you get 50% if not present, it will be announced one week prior. To start the game, there only a few and you must be present to win.

If you are not present and your ticket is pulled for the queen, you get 100% of the queen jackpot. 

All ticket sales are a 50/50 split between the jackpot and the lodge.

You must put your name EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR MOOSE MEMBERSHIP CARD, phone number and the envelope desired on all tickets that get deposited in the ticket drum.

This raffle is being operated under the rules of the Florida Statute 849 - section 0935 - raffles for 501C nonprofit organizations. 

Anyone purchasing tickets that is not a member of the Moose Fraternity will not be paid any prize money.