to play
There are 54 envelopes in the case on the wall in the lodge.

There are 54 cards from a deck of playing cards including the two jokers.

You need to pick an envelope you think the queen of hearts is in.

If your ticket is pulled from the drum the night of the drawing, you and you alone get to open the envelope and receive the prize alotted or get the queen jackpot if she is in the envelope you picked.

All other tickets are then tossed and new tickets are purchased for next week if she is not found.

Each Ticket for the game is a donation of two dollars each.

You can purchase as many tickets as you like and put different envelope numbers on different tickets.

On each ticket you must have your name, envelope number you choose and phone number if you will not be present at the drawing.

Also see queen of hearts rules for more information on the game.